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Youth Teams Registration
Posted Sep 2, 2018


USYF Team Registration/Setup

All teams must be registered to USYF. Once completed, USYF will approve the registration.  Upon approval, the team owner (the person registering a team to USYF) will receive an email indicating approval for roster invitations.  This is where you will add/invite your coach (if that’s not you). Teams may be registered for league play prior to completing the player invite process.

Registering Team 

  1. Click Register Now button
  2. Create your personal account in StackSports
  3. Click the age/gender button for the team to be registered
  4. Complete team registration. You are the TEAM OWNER. You will assign/add the team’s coach through the “invite” process (Step 1 in Inviting Players/Coaches).  If you are registering multiple teams to USYF you are considered the OWNER for all. **DO NOT CHANGE ANY OF THE TEAM OWNER DATA**
  5. Teams will be approved at 5:00 pm (EST) each day (when USYF approves your team, an email will be generated indicating you can invite players/coaches)

Inviting Players/Coaches

  1. When you receive the email stating that your team has been accepted, click the link and follow the prompts (you will receive a separate email for each team you registered to USYF)

When the player accepts the spot on the team, they will be required to accept the waiver and pay the $13.50 USYF membership fee.

If you need to add additional players/coaches to a team after the initial invites go out, you will log in through and click Member Login (upper right), follow these steps:

  1. Click on Team Page from the menu on the left
  2. Click on the team
  3. Click the Team Dashboard at the top
  4. Click Roster from the menu on left
  5. Click Add New Roster at top
  6. Enter players’/coach names and email addresses

Go to Returning Teams to complete the registration in the current season!

Register your Youth Registration
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